Our mission is to bring all-natural, organic CBD oils and products to your door. We’ve captured nature’s health and bottled it up. Simple, natural wellness to help you take on life’s daily stresses. 

    Modernizing Wellness

    Our 100 organic CBD oils, therapy blends, cosmetics and health products are curated to help lift the biggest stresses from your day; 750mg Tincture for easing anxiety and promoting healthy sleep, 1500mg tincture for severe aches and pains, Anti-aging cream for clear skin and wrinkles, and 450mg tincture for your pets. We’re about simple, natural solutions design to bring more healing and wellness into your work. Check out our tinctures to see how your health, skin and body will benefit. 

    QR Codes

    We print QR codes on every product label that show you the laboratory results of each batch.

    On each product label, you’ll see a QR code. You can scan this code to see the batch number, origin, spectrum strength, and purity of the product. We have nothing to hide, so we show you absolutely everything going into each product you purchase. 

    We maintain transparency throughout every step of the process, which is why we provide the results from our third-party labs for each batch of our products.

    Capturing Nature's Health

    Our tone is colorful, our spirit is bold, our solutions are real-life friendly. We believe in design-forward packaging that you’ll want to display on your nightstand vs hide away in a medicine cabinet. We are transparent about our ingredients and not afraid to broad some of life’s most personal topics like anxiety, pain and depression. Let’s make wellness enjoyable and stress-free for all. 

    Cosmetic Line

    Therapy Line

    “We started Captiva with a simple mission – making high quality natural products people can trust, to fit within their bustling lives.”

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