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Made in USA

100% locally grown, our hemp is cultivated by well-established and highly successful Kentucky farmers. Organic plants that are grown in the USA are a vital part of our dedication to a pure product quality.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD is considered to be the most effective type of oil when used for health and wellness. It contains the other cannabinoids, like CBN, CBG, CBC, CBA and other healthy components that work together to deliver superior results.


Organically grown hemp plants are the foundation to a pure, quality final product.  This ensures CAPTIVA CBD oils are safe, free of unwanted soil contaminants, pesticides, or any other harmful substance.

Lab Tested

To guarantee purity and potency, every batch of our hemp oil is tested and authenticated by independent third party labs. The results are shown to you through accurate and transparent QR codes.


CBD typically has a bioavailability of 34% to 46%. CBD directly enters your bloodstream, allowing it to travel and bind to the appropriate endocannabinoid receptors throughout your body.

Our goals: superior quality, transparency, Education, opportunity

At Captiva, our goal is to remain transparent about everything we do. We’ve built our company on offering the highest quality products with known ingredients at an affordable price. We know by doing this we can change the lives of many people who are struggling with sickness, disease and common but serious daily health struggles.  The opportunity to change lives, physically and financially, is why we created Captiva Health Products, and it is the driving force behind our growth and success. Also, education is key.  The CBD market is very new and definitely exciting, so it is important to educate yourself before buying your products. Captiva offers educational resources, market knowledge, and testimonials so you can feel confident about knowing the basics before you buy.

QR Codes on every Product

We make it simple.

Captiva prints unique QR codes on every label that will show you what is in your CBD product.

Third party test results

CBD Guide

CBD Information

Whether you’re looking for answers, new to CBD, or you’re just curious about some of the misconceptions in the industry, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will break down what we know about CBD, answer questions commonly asked by our community, and will help you decide what Captiva CBD products are right for you.

Introduction to Cannabidiol

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the 400+ compounds and 60+ phytocannabinoids found in hemp plants. It’s the most abundant non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, and research indicates it may even be able to counteract the negative psychoactive effects that come from THC. 

Extracted from hemp either by itself or along with other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant, consumers use CBD for a variety of reasons. In fact, in a compiled cross-sectional study published in 2018, almost 62% of all CBD users surveyed were using it to treat a medical condition.

Used most commonly for pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and depression, 36% of the respondents that were using it for a medical condition reported that it helped “very well by itself,” and only 4.3% reported it working “not very well.”

CBD isn’t just used for medical conditions. On the contrary, the other percentage of those surveyed reported using cannabidiol to promote their general wellness. By routinely using it for overall health, CBD users often describe themselves as having more energy, feeling more focused throughout the day, and able to get deeper, better sleep throughout the night.

CBD Market Information

know what brands you can trust.

A study from Penn State University found a devastating 70 percent of the hemp-derived CBD products sold online are mislabeled. The CBD market growth potential it huge, and the  industry is still in its infancy. It is largely under-regulated, and consumers are often unaware of what to look for. To ensure quality and potency, each batch should be tested and labeled with all ingredients present in each batch. All unwanted ingredients should be removed. At Captiva, our products have a QR code on every label detailing all ingredient from the batch used to make that specific product. If you don’t know what is in the product, don’t buy it!

Is CBD safe?


The short answer? Yes, CBD is safe, though more clinical trials with human participants are needed. In a 2017 comprehensive review of relevant animal studies and clinical trials, researchers observed cannabidiol as safe, provided only minor or negligible side effects (don’t worry, we’ll still touch on those later), and it’s unlikely to establish a dependency problem among users. More studies are in process, and as new information is available we will make them available. Captiva is dedicated to educating our customers and our community about everything related to the health and wellness of CBD.

We know it is safe, and we always look forward to learning more about what it can do to help us live happier, healthier lives

Is CBD legal?

2018 Farm Bill

Yes, CBD is legal. The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill legalized hemp nation-wide and allowed states to provide their own regulations for industrial hemp and its uses. The Farm Bill also changed the definition of hemp, qualifying any cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC as a legal hemp plant.

If a company is maintaining all US regulations to extract CBD and other compounds from hemp, their CBD products are legal. Both the 2018 Farm Bill and the Hemp Act refer to the regulations more in-depth, but we’ll touch on easy ways to ensure the CBD brand you are using is legal.

What is the Difference Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and CBD Isolate?

There are three main types. The differences are mainly in the extraction and refining processes.

CBD Isolate is extracted from hemp and refined (isolated) from all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp compounds generally to a 98%-99%  CBD purity level. Many people mistake this purity level to mean it is always the most effective oil to use. This is not always the case. By Isolating only the CBD component, all of the other natural and beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are taken out. It has been shown that many of these other cannabiniods are just a beneficial as CBD. If it’s available, always double-check lab results to see the actual ingredients, purity levels, and other characteristics of the isolated batch.

Full-Spectrum CBD is  extracted from the hemp plant and refined of several  ingredients such as chlorophyll and other unwanted waste-compounds. While Full-Spectrum products must be monitored carefully to ensure they are below the federal legal limit of 0.3% THC content, they also contain the most terpenes and other cannabinoids, like CBN, CBG, CBC, CBA and other healthy components. Along with CBD, there are many other beneficial ingredients that can contribute to the extreme health benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. With the full-spectrum extraction method, all of these beneficial properties are extracted from the plant and retained in the final product.

Broad-spectrum CBD is extracted from hemp and always refined. Most broad-spectrum CBD manufacturers refine and extract the chlorophyll and other undesirable substances, as well as all THC. This generally results in non-detectable levels, often to 0%, of THC while still retaining the other valuable nutrients. However, Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil is often considered inferior because it lacks any THC that is needed for a full entourage effect. The entourage effect results when the components of the hemp plant interact with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one component can do alone. It is a synergistic effect that helps maximize the the therapeutic results of CBD oil.

Red flags

carefully choose the products you use

 The CBD industry is new and under-regulated by the U.S. government.  The FDA is not involved in regulation of CBD (at least for now) so it stands to reason that there are many players who take advantage of this and flood the market with inferior, and sometime fake products. If the hemp used to extract the CBD is not grown in the U.S.A you should be concerned about the quality of the product.  Some companies use hemp grown in other countries for a cheaper price.  These products are typically inferior, definitely not organically grown, and can be full of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. Make sure the CBD brand you choose sources all ingredients from the United States. This increases the likelihood that each batch is consistent, safe, and effective. 

Third-party testing and lab results play a role in the quality of a CBD company. Some brands test their products at random or have the first batch tested and just put those lab results on display. This is non-transparent, and definitely not best practice when it comes to product testing.

Instead, look for an organized CBD brand that has every batch tested through an independent, third-party lab. Here at Captiva, for example, we put QR codes on each product label so you can easily access the ingredients and potency levels for that specific product.

We test our products for impurities and pollutants including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or many other contaminants. Then we analyze the product to ensure the cannabinoid content level is consistent with our labels and product descriptions. Consistency, purity and transparency are top priorities.

What does bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability is the term for your body’s ability to absorb a substance into the bloodstream. You will  hear this term throughout the industry, and some make false claims to the absorption rates of their products. Bioavailability matters because cannabidiol can be extracted and refined into different forms, and our bodies absorb all those forms differently. In fact, we’re never able to absorb all the CBD taken in a serving; only a percentage. That percentage depends on the CBD product and how you body reacts to the product.  Each person is different, and it’s hard to know the exact bioavailability of each product.

CBD oil drops taken under the tongue typically have a higher bioavailability than other methods. Sublingual CBD tincture drops range from 20% to 46% bioavailability.

Oral products that are swallowed, including gummies and capsules, tend to have a lower bioavailability anywhere from 6% to 15%. If you take a 10mg CBD gummy you may absorb only 0.6mg to 1.5mg CBD, while you’d be able to absorb 2 to 3.5mg through a tincture.

When a brand claims to have a “higher” bioavailability it is important to understand the claim may be unfounded or unproven.  

Will Taking CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

It’s impossible to say with certainty that you won’t fail, but you shouldn’t fail a drug test from using a CBD product if you use products that are accurately tested and don’t exceed the serving amounts per day. As CBD products can contain up to 0.3% THC, over-consumption of these products can increase the level of THC in your system.

Also, don’t panic if you failed a drug test at home and you’re taking a CBD product with visible lab tested results. At-home drug screenings are not yet advanced enough to be able to tell the difference between cannabinoids; they can only detect that cannabinoids are in your system. 

Because CBD and THC are almost molecularly identical (along with our own naturally occurring endocannabinoids), at-home drug tests don’t have the technology necessary to tell the difference. 

In fact, many crime labs across the country don’t even have testing advanced enough to see the differences. If you’re taking a drug test for an employer, or an athletic screening, it will only look at the levels of THC in your system as opposed to the level of cannabinoids. With this knowledge, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY you would fail a drug test after using CBD products.


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